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BF Summer Fund Raiser for New Communities

Featured2 years ago

Ten Ben’s Friends Members and Friends are traveling to Glacier National Park This August for five active days to prove rare Disease Can’t stop – us not on Land or on Water and to raise money to build ten new Ben’s Friends Communities. Day 1 & 2: Seven Members of our Team are backpacking from …

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2 years ago

According to a New York Times article last month, virtual reality is being used as therapy for pain. Virtual reality is more than a distraction, researchers say. It’s more like a brain hack that occupies the brain so fully that it has no room to process pain sensations at the same time. Author Jane E. …

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

2 years ago

It’s okay to not have the perfect life, believe it or not, social media aside, no one has a life of perfection. It’s okay to not be okay and admit it. It’s okay to struggle and to be open with those who are close to you. By admitting that you are not okay, you are …

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