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Bens Friends 2018 Report

Featured4 months ago

The following New communities were started in 2018, many of which represent co-conditions that occur with Rare Diseases already supported by Ben’s Friends Patient communities and may be of interest to our existing members:   Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) is a disabling disease that causes distress as the quality of life of CPP patients is …

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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

3 days ago

It’s okay to not have the perfect life, believe it or not, social media aside, no one has a life of perfection. It’s okay to not be okay and admit it. It’s okay to struggle and to be open with those who are close to you. By admitting that you are not okay, you are …

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About Living With Rare Disease Support Community

LivingWithRareDisease.Org is a referal and support site for all of Bens Friends Communities. Our hope is that patients, caretakers, and family/friends effect by rare disease and searching for support and information will use our Community and Latest Topic Guide to locate one of our over 40 support communities to get and give support with others …

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